Arizona Labor Laws

Arizona labor laws – The wage and hour division of the united states department of labor dol administers and enforces the fair labor standards act flsa. The basic minimum wage in arizona is 7 90 per hour and is increased annually based on a cost of living formula.

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However if an employer chooses to do so breaks usually of the type lasting less than 20 minutes must be.

Arizona labor laws. The flsa prescribes standards for wages and overtime pay. Employment age certification. Department of labor also contains provisions regulating the employment of children. Arizona labor laws

Arizona does not have any labor laws requiring an employer to provide a meal period or breaks to employees thus the federal rule applies. The industrial commission of arizona administers and enforces state laws relating to the protection of life health safety and welfare of arizona s employees. Labor department serving the workers and employers of arizona by conducting thorough expedient and impartial investigations related to wage earned paid sick time minimum wage and youth labor. Arizona labor laws

Prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of an individual s race color religion sex or national origin. The federal rule does not require an employer to provide either a meal lunch period or breaks. Fair labor standards act flsa family medical leave fmla health and safety osha labor laws nlra leave laws. Arizona labor laws

Minimum wage for tipped employees. However the federal fair labor standards act administered by the wage and hour division of the u s. This includes laws relating to workers compensation occupational safety and health payment of wages and child labor. Arizona labor laws

The federal government sets minimum standard for employment protection such as the federal minimum wage and laws prohibiting discrimination. The flsa generally requires covered employers to compensate employees at one and one half times the regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a single work week or in excess of a flsa defined. Arizona s youth employment laws a r s. Arizona labor laws

Disability discrimination ada discrimination laws. Where there is a difference between federal and state law the stricter law takes precedence. Mass layoffs warn meals and breaks. Arizona labor laws

Civil rights act of 1991 amends the civil rights act of 1964 to strengthen and improve federal civil rights laws to provide for damages in cases of intentional employment discrimination to clarify provisions regarding. But states have their own employment laws either strengthening federal laws or adding new protections altogether. 23 230 et seq. Arizona labor laws

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