Arkansas Lemon Law

Arkansas lemon law – The arkansas lemon law provides consumers with protection from financial hardship in the event of a new vehicle being declared a lemon and found to be unrepairable by the vehicle s manufacturer. The lemon law is a consumer law written to protect you from defective equipment.

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The consumer is protected during the term of the manufacturer s warranty for up to two 2 years after the original delivery date of the vehicle or for the first 24 000 miles whichever occurs last.

Arkansas lemon law. To comply with arkansas lemon laws these guidebooks can be downloaded below or ordered at no cost to dealers. The lemon law creates what is known in legal terminology as a presumption. New car lemon law the arkansas new motor vehicle quality assurance act act 297 of 1993 provides procedures for a consumer to receive a replacement vehicle or full refund for a new motor vehicle which cannot be brought into conformity within the warranty provided. Arkansas lemon law

Who is covered under the arkansas automobile lemon law. Basically if your new car doesn t work properly you get a replacement or a refund. The arkansas lemon law presumes that you are entitled to a refund or replacement if the manufacturer or its dealer has made a certain number of unsuccessful attempts to repair nonconformities that substantially impair the use value or safety of your vehicle four or more repair attempts or more than 30 days out of service. Arkansas lemon law

Any consumer who buys or leases and registers a new motor vehicle in the state of arkansas is covered by the lemon law. Arkansas lemon laws the attorney general s consumer protection division has created an easy to follow guidebook to assist consumers in navigating arkansas s automobile farm machinery lemon laws. The arkansas lemon law explains what constitutes as a lemon the solutions to fix the issues and the remedies available to compensate you for a car that can t be fixed. Arkansas lemon law

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