Bank Of America Car Loan Apr

Bank of america car loan apr – A 5 year fixed rate private party loan for 20 000 would have 60 monthly payments of 384 each at an annual percentage rate apr of 5 69. The total amount you wish to finance for your auto loan for example the price of the car plus taxes and fees and minus any down payment or trade in value.

Previously you must understand the background of loan and get some Bank of america car loan apr references in other articles on this website.

These terms are lower than what other major lenders are currently offering.

Bank of america car loan apr. View our bank of america auto loan eligibility requirements for more information. Bank of america charges as little as 2 34 apr for new car loans and only 2 49 apr to finance used vehicles for 60 months. Bank of america auto loans range from a minimum of 7 500 8 000 in mn to a maximum of 100 000. Bank of america car loan apr

With bank of america you could qualify for interest rates as low as 2 69 on a new car loan and 2 99 on a used car loan. Bank of america car loan apr

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