Bank Of America Credit Card Approval Rules

This rule only applies to credit cards and not their charge cards. This rule only applies to credit cards and not their charge cards.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some Bank of america credit card approval rules references in other articles on this website.

On a category of choice gas online shopping dining travel drugstores or home improvements and furnishings.

Bank of america credit card approval rules. With the 2 3 4 rule you can typically only be approved for at most two bank of america cards in a rolling two month period three cards in a rolling 12 month period and four cards in a rolling 24 month period. New bank of america 2 3 4 rule for credit card approvals confirmed doctor of credit. Check the status of a bank of america credit card application you ve submitted within the last 90 days.

Previously the limit was five credit cards per person and no limit on charge cards. 1 cash back on other purchases. 200 online cash rewards if you spend 1 000 in first 90 days.

2 cash back on grocery store and wholesale club purchases. 3 cash back. Historically bank of america has been pretty lax when it comes to their rules so this is a significant change.

While this doesn t affect existing applicants with more cards in their wallet now you can only be approved for four personal or business credit cards and up to 10 charge cards. 2 500 combined limit on 2 and 3 categories each quarter. You re limited to 1 approved credit card every 5 day rolling period and 2 approved credit cards every 90 day rolling period.

How many credit cards should i have. There is a new rule from bank of america whereby they ll only approve you for at most two cards per rolling 2 months three cards per rolling 12 months home. They re now adding a further restriction to that.

Their major rule was known as the 2 3 4 rule where they would typically only approve you for two cards every two months three cards every 12 months and four cards every 24 months. Bank of america premium rewards credit card. If you want to apply for a bank of america card you may improve your chances by waiting at least three to six months from your most recent credit card application.

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