Celtic Bank Surge Credit Card Reviews

Surge mastercard is a credit card issued by celtic bank. If you re wondering whether surge mastercard is the right card for you read on.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some Celtic bank surge credit card reviews references in other articles on this website.

The surge mastercard is issued by celtic bank and is made for limited or bad credit when you use this card your payment activity will be reported monthly to the three major credit bureaus which can help you build credit if you have less than perfect credit you may want to apply for this card but beware the possible sky high interest rate monthly fees and lack of any valuable card benefits.

Celtic bank surge credit card reviews. This is everything you need to know to make a good choice. If you re going to hold the card for more than one year then surge is the winner if you re going for just one year then verve is the worst card for you. I really guess it depends if you re going to carry a balance then first premier will be the worst.

Our verdict the surge mastercard credit card issued by celtic bank and serviced by continental finance is an unsecured credit card targeted to those with limited or poor credit.

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