Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain – Joshua chamberlain was born in 1828 in brewer maine. The oldest of five children his father desired that he pursue a career in the military while his mother encouraged him to become a preacher.

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Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain. Born in brewer me on september 8 1828 joshua lawrence chamberlain was the son of joshua chamberlain and sarah dupee brastow. He is best known for the courage he showed as colonel of the 20th maine regiment that fought heroically in the battle of gettysburg in 1863. Facing the much larger city of bangor across the penobscot river brewer was in chamberlain s youth a small farming and ship building community. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

A sensitive classical scholar joshua lawrence chamberlain seemed an unlikely military hero. September 8 1828 february 24 1914. Become a member today in a trembling hand brigadier general joshua lawrence chamberlain wrote the words he thought would be his last to his wife fanny after midnight on june 19 1864. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

Joshua lawrence chamberlain 1828 1914 u s. Joshua lawrence chamberlain born lawrence joshua chamberlain september 8 1828 february 24 1914 was an american college professor from maine who volunteered during the american civil war to join the union army he became a highly respected and decorated union officer reaching the rank of brigadier general and brevet major general he is best known for his gallantry at the battle of. Joshua lawrence chamberlain was born sept. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

Army general medal of honor recipient governor of maine. With this command union army colonel joshua l. Chamberlain ordered the 20th maine regiment to execute a daring counterattack against the 15th alabama regiment of the confederate army on july 2nd 1863 during the battle of gettysburg. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

Chamberlain and his regiment the 20th maine infantry gained notoriety for their desperate bayonet charge down little round top on the second day of the battle a feat that figures prominently in michael shaara s novel the killer angels and its movie adaptation gettysburg. A veritable icon of civil war legend joshua lawrence chamberlain is best known for his heroic participation in the battle of gettysburg. Updated may 05 2017 birth early life. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

At the extreme left flank of the union army the 20th maine fought off repeated assaults for the past several hours against the determined confederate soldiers. Fluent in many languages he was a graduate of bowdoin college and returned there to teach after studying at bangor theological seminary. 8 1828 in brewer maine the eldest of five children. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

My darling wife i am lying mortally wounded the doctors think but my mind heart are at peace jesus christ is my all sufficient savior. Joshua lawrence chamberlain general served at many of the major battles of the war he is most famous for his command at little round top during the battle of gettysburg. Colonel joshua lawrence chamberlain

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