Credit Check For Employment At A Bank

The credit check includes your credit history and personal information like your name and address. They only affect specific jobs.

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These exemptions do not apply to an entire employer or industry.

Credit check for employment at a bank. Police and peace officers not private security guards. An employment credit check is when a potential employer checks your credit history to see how you ve handled consumer debt. In a hiring context fcra rules are enforced by the us equal employment opportunity commission.

As is the case with all types of background screening employee background credit checks should be conducted in strict compliance with the fair credit reporting act fcra. In order for an employer to check your credit report they must first notify you in writing and get written authorization from you. Complying with finra rule 3110 e necessarily requires a member to run a comprehensive background check including a criminal record and credit check on finra registered employees and applicants for a finra registered position.

Employers are still allowed to ask about credit history do a credit check and use credit history in an employment decision for certain positions. A credit check is often performed on applicants who seek a job within a bank or other financial institution. It also depends on where you live as to what a potential employer can actually do with your credit report.

Employment credit checks are legal under federal law. The bank or credit union has a vested interest. The vast majority of employers don t check prospective employees credit in a 2012 survey from the society of human resource management only 13 of respondents said they check all employees credit history and 53 of hiring managers said they don t do it at all.

Individual employers including banks can use credit checks as part of their hiring or internal promotion process. The fcra sets standards for employment credit checks. It s not uncommon for employers to check your credit report if you re applying for a position that requires you to handle large amounts of money on behalf of the company or its clients such as.

A bank teller works directly with cash.

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