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Bankcard and auto scores can range from 250 to 900. Lenders like banks and credit card companies will look at your credit history when they calculate your credit score which will show them the level of risk in lending to you.

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In order to get your credit score you ll generally need to apply for a paid credit report through one of the credit rating agencies.

Credit score categories uk. A credit score also known as a credit rating is a number that reflects the likelihood of you paying credit back. Experian who score out of 999 released the average credit scores by location. Whichever agency you use the higher your score the less risky you appear to lenders.

A vantagescore above 660 is considered good while a score above 780 is considered excellent. 3 merthyr tydfil 688. These are experian equifax and callcredit.

What credit score ranges mean for you. The vantagescore was developed by the 3 major credit bureaus including experian equifax and transunion. Here s how your credit score range either fico or vantagescore could affect your financial options.

Each lender uses a different method to calculate their own credit scores but all of them use information from the three main credit reference agencies to work them out. The higher the score the better a borrower looks to potential lenders. A credit score can range from 300 to 850 depending on the scoring model such as a mortgage score.

Credit scores are produced by specialist credit reference agencies and each agency uses its own scoring method to determine your credit score. A credit score is a number between 300 850 that depicts a consumer s creditworthiness. Want to know what your neighbour s credit score looks like.

Average credit score by region. You may be subjected to higher interest rates than the other categories. 4 middlesbrough 683.

The worst credit scores in the uk on average are. Lower scores indicate that someone is riskier to the lender in other words they re less likely to repay debt. It s a number everyone over the uk over the age of 18 is given to indicate their credit worthiness.

2 hartlepool 690. A credit score of 0 550 credit rating 1 is the lowest rating so you could find it difficult to be accepted for credit. The latest vantagescore 3 0 model uses a range between 300 and 850.

5 north east.

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