Credit Score Chart

A fico score above 780 is excellent. An excellent credit score not only almost guarantees acceptance when applying for most types of credit including nearly any of the top credit cards that catch your fancy but also ensures the absolute best interest rates and the lowest fees.

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Credit score chart and range.

Credit score chart. Credit score calculated based on fico score 8 model. Learn about fico credit scores and why they matter your credit score is a three digit number that has a strong influence on your financial life. A credit score of 670 to 739 is generally considered good while a score of 740 to 799 is considered very good.

Therefore a fico score that is above 680 is known as an average good fico score. Fico scores range between 300 and 850. Your actual rate depends upon credit score loan amount loan term and credit usage and history and will be agreed upon between you and the lender.

Fico is one of the most common types of credit scores which were originated by the fair isaac corporation. Your lender or insurer may use a different fico score than fico score 8 or another type of credit score altogether. For example you could receive a loan of 6 000 with an interest rate of 7 99 and a 5 00 origination fee of 300 for an apr of 11 51.

It can influence how much interest you ll have to pay on loans and credit cards or whether you ll be able to get them at all. Here are the different fico score ranges. A score above 800 is considered excellent.

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