Expungement Lawyer Cost Mn

Expungement lawyer cost mn – Expungement lawyer minneapolis mn minnesota criminal record expungements. If you apply by preparing and filing a petition for expungement directly with the court you will have to pay a 300 filing fee for each offense or ask the court to waive this fee based on your income.

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Luckily to find out how much your expungement might cost there is no charge for a free expungement case evaluation to determine if you are eligible and how much it will cost.

Expungement lawyer cost mn. Having a criminal record can present problems in obtaining employment housing a loan and may create difficulties in other areas as well. Or fill out an expungement case review form. If you apply through the minnesota attorney general s office and you qualify for expungement you do not have to pay the 300 filing fee to the court. Expungement lawyer cost mn

Expungement means the sealing of a criminal record. Attorney fees will vary depending on the specifics of each expungement case and an expungement lawyer in minneapolis may charge you differently than an expungement lawyer mn in another city or state would charge. The court filing fee for an expungement application in minnesota is 325 but this can vary by county so your mn expungement attorney can double check the fees wherever you need to file. Expungement lawyer cost mn

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