First Progress Credit Card Limit Increase

You can increase your first progress platinum select credit limit by calling 866 706 5543. Earn a larger credit limit over time.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some First progress credit card limit increase references in other articles on this website.

For the first progress platinum elite and the platinum select mastercard the increased deposit amount should be at least 300 up to 2000.

First progress credit card limit increase. Or you may want to apply for an unsecured card that has better terms or offers more cardholder perks. For the platinum prestige mastercard you can choose to deposit at least 350 up to 2000. Over time and with first progress approval you can increase your credit limit to up to 5 000 with additional deposits.

Each requires an initial deposit of 200 to 2 000 which becomes your credit limit. New cardholders start out with a fairly low 300 credit limit but many reviewers report being provided with a credit limit increase after six months. The maximum credit limit you can have with the first progress platinum select is 5 000 and because this is a secured credit card the only way to get a higher spending limit is to add to your deposit.

Several reviews also indicate that requesting a credit increase can have a positive result. Just keep in mind that if first progress does increase your limit that the maximum you can obtain is 5 000. The secured mastercard from capital one for instance comes with a potential credit line increase in as little as six months with no extra deposit needed while the merrick bank secured visa card allows you to raise your credit line up to 3 000 whenever you choose simply by increasing your deposit.

Depending on your deposit your initial credit limit can be anywhere from 200 up to 2 000. You can apply with no credit history or if you re rebuilding your credit. Over time first progress may choose to increase your credit limit without requiring an additional deposit.

But unlike some other secured cards. No minimum credit score to apply. The first progress platinum prestige mastercard secured credit card.

With the first progress platinum prestige mastercard secured credit card your credit limit may be increased over time without having to make an additional. The terms for first progress credit increase are provided on each card s important disclosure page. Getting an increased credit limit on your secured credit card comes down to the card issuer s policy.

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