Florida Child Custody Laws

Florida child custody laws – When a couple separates it is never easy on a family. Child custody law in florida is based on florida statutes prior court decisions and the general policy and attitudes of the courts.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Florida child custody laws references in other articles on this website.

Below you ll find information on florida s child custody laws including whether the child s wishes are considered whether joint custody is an option and whether grandparents have visitation rights.

Florida child custody laws. And the best interests of the child. 2005 relied upon the lower court case cooper v gress 854 so 2d 262 1st dca 2003 in establishing the correct two prong test used to decide child custody modifications. Perhaps the most common type of question we receive is about 50 50 timesharing. Florida child custody laws

A parent with legal custody of a child can make educational religious medical and disciplinary decisions. Child custody refers to the care control and maintenance of a minor. To modify the parenting plan there must be a substantial unanticipated change in circumstances. Florida child custody laws

However florida child custody law 61 13 does allow parenting plans to be modified. The burden of proving that the change is unexpected and substantial can be difficult. How do florida child custody 50 50 laws work. Florida child custody laws

If children are involved it s important for parents to try to reach a compromise on child custody visitation rights and child support. Custody and parenting decisions are based mainly on the best interests of the child that means the entire custody decision revolves around children s interests not parent s interests. This is the state in which both parents split custody and time with the child down the middle evenly dolling out rights and responsibilities. Florida child custody laws

Substantial and material change in circumstances. Florida child custody law equal consideration after considering all relevant facts the father of the child shall be given the same consideration as the mother in determining the primary residence of a child irrespective of the age or sex of the child. What are the child custody laws for unmarried parents in florida. Florida child custody laws

Through these laws the courts will also. However achieving this level of compromise may be easier said than done for most people. Florida law defines a relocation as a parent moving 50 miles or more from the current residence for at least 60 days. Florida child custody laws

Child custody laws in florida help determine which parent gets legal and physical custody. The florida supreme court case wade v hirschman 903 so 2d 928 fl. For more general information on child custody laws take a look at our article on state child custody laws. Florida child custody laws

A relocation is not a temporary change for the purposes of vacation education or providing the child with medical care. Additionally the proposed changes must be in the child s best interest. Florida child custody laws

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