Georgia Lemon Law Cases

Georgia lemon law cases – While one arbitrator is normally assigned to hear a lemon law case due to the complexity of issues and the number of parties involves three arbitrators are assigned to hear motor home cases. There may be other remedies for the used car consumer.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Georgia lemon law cases references in other articles on this website.

The lemon law does not cover all types of vehicles motorcycles mopeds all terrain vehicles boats trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 12 000 pounds and vehicles that are not self propelled e g trailers campers are not covered by the lemon law.

Georgia lemon law cases. Michael flinn represents clients throughout georgia in lemon car law auto dealer fraud and consumer law cases. The georgia legislature significantly amended this law in 2008. What is a lemon car in georgia. Georgia lemon law cases

While we have clients throughout the state of georgia we primarily practice in the following areas. The federal lemon law gives general guidelines that car owners can follow if they buy a defective car so they can return the vehicle when the nonconformity is not at the fault of the drivers. While not exceedingly common sometimes new car buyers end up having to turn to the lemon law in georgia after discovering a defect in their vehicles. Georgia lemon law cases

The lack of any lemon law for used cars in georgia means there is no warranty or lemon law protection from unscrupulous used car dealers. However the type of problem or defect will determine if it is eligible. You ll need to allow the manufacturer or its authorized dealer a reasonable number of attempts to fix your vehicles defect. Georgia lemon law cases

You may have options despite the lack of a lemon law for used cars in georgia. If your vehicle is new and has a qualifying defect you are covered by the lemon law rights for up to 2 years after your purchase or up to 24 000 miles whichever comes sooner. As your attorney michael flinn is going to fight to protect your bottom line. Georgia lemon law cases

Consumers should always document their case. How to win a lemon law case call 770 832 0300 or use our contact form for a free evaluation of your lemon law case. Contact us for a free case review. Georgia lemon law cases

Michael has developed a reputation as the go to guy for lemon law cases in the north georgia area. Each arbitrator will either be an attorney licensed to practice law in georgia or an individual with at least two years experience in professional arbitration or dispute resolution. Lemon laws have now been enacted in all but 2 states. Georgia lemon law cases

Have your case reviewed by a georgia consumer lawyer. Call 770 832 0300 or use our contact form for a free evaluation of your consumer case from georgia lemon law attorney michael flinn. This includes obtaining copies of warranty repair orders keeping contemporaneous notes of who they talk to what is said and dates and times. Georgia lemon law cases

In enacting this law the georgia legislature found that a new motor vehicle is a major consumer purchase and that a defectively manufactured new. Georgia lemon law for new cars. The georgia lemon law is found in georgia code section 10 1 780. Georgia lemon law cases

The lemon law covers some motor homes if your new motor vehicle is a self propelled motor home it is eligible for review under the lemon law. If dealerships or manufacturers unknowingly sell a bad car lemon law guidelines tell drivers what steps to follow to resolve the mishap. Georgia lemon law cases

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