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I can max my credit card out and pay a measly 600 a year in interest fees if i kept it maxed out which i don. Wells fargo rewards 15k limit.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some High limit credit cards reddit references in other articles on this website.

It just seems absurd they would give me a limit of a quarter of my pre tax income.

High limit credit cards reddit. Ideally minimum limits of 5k or more. I make a habit of asking for credit card limit increases periodically and i basically fully pay off my cards. Chase ink business unlimited 17k limit march 2020.

Credit cards with the higher level of benefits also tend to have a minimum 5 000 credit limit. The chase sapphire preferred card comes with a 5 000 minimum credit line but we ve seen claims that the credit limits for this card can be as high as 100 000. Just keep in mind that it s rare to get a credit limit on the highest end of that spectrum.

Some of the highest credit card limits right now are. This has allowed me to gradually built up my credit card limits to 46 7k on my discover and 60k on my amex blue. I wouldn t know what to do with 10k in credit as it would just seem devastatingly stupid to utilize even half of that.

I was making 40 000 a year had a 700 something credit score. Last year i applied for an amex and expected to be approved with a limit similar to my other cards around 2000. You re guaranteed a credit limit of at least 10 000 with this card but it comes with a 550 annual fee and.

Ironically the card i actually use the most is my chase which only has a 12 5k limit. About 4 years ago i got a capital one credit card with a limit of 3000 00 and i really don t see a need for more. Wells fargo propel 3k limit 2011.

Just looking for opinions on cards that have high starting limits with 0 apr for 12 months. With some cards you ll receive a visa signature card if you re approved for a credit limit of at least 5 000 and a visa platinum plus the traditional tier if you aren t. If you have any suggestions on what cards to research please comment below.

You ll get at least a 5 000 credit limit with this card and. I m trying to find the best high minimum limit credit cards to apply for with good credit and ok income 650 750 credit 50 80k income. They gave me a 10 000 limit.

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