How To Get A Business Credit Card With Ein Number

You also use your ein when you open a business bank account or establish a vendor line of. But you will almost.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some How to get a business credit card with ein number references in other articles on this website.

But the harsh reality is that there are very few cases where business credit card issuers won t request your ssn.

How to get a business credit card with ein number. How to build credit with an ein number. In many situations you need to contact the credit bureaus specializing in business to establish a file. If you submit a business credit card application with only your ein most banks won t process the application until it can conduct a credit check on the business owner using his or her social security number.

It s easy to find credit cards you can apply for with your ein. However these cards are issued by the same banks listed. Several major retailers and airlines like costco and southwest airlines also offer business credit cards.

New businesses might struggle to find an issuer unless you have strong personal credit and use your yourself as a co signer. If you have an employer identification number ein a nine digit tax id number assigned to your business by the irs you can use it to apply for a small business credit card. At the end of the day applying for business credit cards with an ein is an effective way to get access to working capital while building your business credit files quickly.

In fact many major business credit card applications simply ask for a tax identification number an ein is just that before they ever request your ssn. That presents a lot of risk for card issuers who could wind up holding the bag for tens of thousands of dollars if your business isn t able to cash up. Ein only cards still offer the same high credit limits you get with other business credit cards but there s no personal liability.

It is similar to building personal credit although you might find that you must perform a few additional actions. An ein is a unique nine digit number assigned by the irs to identify your business for tax purposes. Once you have one then you can use ein to apply for a credit card.

The fact is with good personal credit you can leverage it to your advantage to get several business credit cards that only report to the business credit reporting agencies. We found that most business credit cards require an ein plus the social security number of the business owner.

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