How To Lock Your Credit Card Rbc

Simply log into the app and navigate to the account details page of the credit card you wish to place or remove a lock from. In the box your debit and credit cards should be listed your credit card with a unlocked ios type button beside it.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some How to lock your credit card rbc references in other articles on this website.

To unlock it again if desired click on the button to shift it to say unlocked.

How to lock your credit card rbc. While your card is locked when your card is locked all cash advances purchases and withdrawals either online or in person will be declined. Sign in to the rbc app. If your card has been stolen or permanently lost call our 24 hour toll free number 1 800 769 2512.

Click on the button to shift it to say locked. How to lock your rbc credit card if you are an rbc customer chances are you already have the rbc mobile app so open it up and see the new feature. Use card lock if you ve misplaced your card by simply logging in to the rbc mobile app and navigating to your account details page.

Click on the switch button to lock the card. You can lock your rbc client card or credit card temporarily at any time. We ll block the card from future use and issue you a new card.

If you ve simply misplaced your card you can lock it temporarily through rbc online banking or the rbc mobile app until you find your card. Click either the lock or unlock button to lock or unlock your card and that s it. Click on the credit card.

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