How To Lock Your Credit File

It is now relatively. With a lock you will be restricting access to your credit report.

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Locking your credit is a procedure that can help prevent identity theft and credit fraud by blocking access to your credit report.

How to lock your credit file. Lock your credit report. You ll need to supply your name address date of birth social security number and other personal information. On your dashboard expand the single bureau lock feature in the list on the right.

That will make it very difficult for new credit accounts to be opened in your name. To enroll in a credit locking program you ll fill out an online form that requires personal information like your name address and social security number and then you ll answer some identity verification questions. A credit lock also known as a security lock has the same result as a credit freeze but it s easier and quicker to lock and unlock your credit than to freeze and un freeze or thaw it.

Keep the pin or password in a safe place. A credit lock allows you to easily lock your credit file helping to protect you against identity theft and unwanted credit activity. If someone attempts to apply for credit in your name while your file is locked you will be notified with a real time alert.

To lock your equifax credit report using lock alert you can sign up here or log in here or you can download the app from the apple store or google play. To lock your equifax credit report using equifax credit report control sign in to your product. Here s how each bureau s credit locking program works and how to enroll.

You can then click lock now to lock your equifax credit report. After receiving your freeze request each credit bureau will provide you with a unique pin personal identification number or password.

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