How To Lock Your Credit Scores

You must freeze your credit report at each credit bureau individually since there s no way to freeze all three credit reports at once. After registering with each bureau and verifying your identity with them you can turn access to your credit files on and off instantly via smartphone app or online with no delays or pins when you lock your credit.

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Here are seven things you should be doing to make sure your great credit score stays that way.

How to lock your credit scores. How to lock your credit report at equifax. If you want to apply for new credit or a new employer or landlord needs to run your credit you can temporarily unlock your credit report just as easily. Freezing your credit at all three credit bureaus may be tedious but it isn t necessarily as hard as you may think.

Freezing your credit is free and you ll need to do it with all three credit bureaus to lock down each of your credit reports. Once enrolled via the equifax website users can lock their credit themselves on the app or the website without additional help from equifax. That will make it very difficult for new credit accounts to be opened in your name.

You can freeze your credit online by phone or through the u s. Requests to freeze your credit report must be made in writing and should include your name address date of birth social security number a copy of a valid id proof of address e g a copy of a utility bill and payment. With a lock you will be restricting access to your credit report.

After receiving your freeze request each credit bureau will provide you with a unique pin personal identification number or password. Lock your credit report. You ll need to supply your name address date of birth social security number and other personal information.

And again the freeze will stay in place until you lift it. Keep the pin or password in a safe place. It can be worth the effort to protect you against identity thieves opening accounts in your name for which you may be held liable.

It is now relatively. When you have good credit it s very important to your overall financial health to protect it. Equifax s credit lock program is called lock alert and it s free.

Credit locks let you control access to your credit reports directly via smartphone apps or a secure website.

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