If I Freeze My Credit Report Can I Still Use My Credit Cards

That s because most creditors need to see your credit report before they approve a new account. All of your credit accounts will stay active and you can use your credit cards as usual.

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The short answer is yes.

If i freeze my credit report can i still use my credit cards. Existing creditors can still access your credit history. Also known as a security freeze this free tool lets you restrict access to your credit report which in turn makes it more difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts in your name. Your credit may be frozen but your ability to make credit card charges will remain unchanged.

Even under a credit freeze an existing creditor can access to your credit report for certain types of account review collection purposes fraud control or related activities. If they can t see your report they may not extend the credit. The difference is that crooks will not be able to open new credit card accounts in your name.

Dear dbh placing a security freeze on your credit won t affect how you use your current credit accounts. For example the following entities may still access your credit report during a freeze. If the thief stole your credit card information that person can use your existing credit card during a credit freeze.

Any credit cards or other accounts you currently have will continue to function the same way as they always have and automatic payments will continue to be processed as usual.

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