Indiana Divorce Laws Alimony

Indiana divorce laws alimony – One spouse is mentally or physically unable of supporting their own quality of living or. Issues relating to spousal maintenance grant the judge a great deal of discretion.

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Indiana alimony laws and spousal support at a glance.

Indiana divorce laws alimony. Payments may be required for regular intervals or in a lump sum payment dependent on the decision of the court. Types of spousal maintenance in indiana. Under indiana law alimony is called spousal maintenance and can be awarded when a decree for divorce or legal separation is entered. Indiana divorce laws alimony

Technically there is no alimony in indiana but there is spousal maintenance. Unlike some other states indiana does not recognize traditional alimony and the award of spousal maintenance in indiana is limited. In indiana the word alimony isn t used when it comes to divorcing couples. Indiana divorce laws alimony

Indiana like other states outlines a variety of factors to determine whether alimony is appropriate in a particular situation. Alimony which is technically called maintenance in indiana is the money that one spouse the paying spouse or obligor pays to the other the supported spouse or obligee as part of the divorce proceedings. Spousal maintenance also commonly called alimony is awarded in indiana in certain circumstances. Indiana divorce laws alimony

Marital property and division of assets in indiana indiana is an equitable distribution state which means assets are divided fairly and equitably but necessarily equally. Based on the specific facts or circumstances of a particular case the judge will determine whether temporary maintenance or maintenance for an indefinite period of time should be ordered. For the purposes of this article we may use the word alimony to describe a person s court ordered financial provision for their ex spouse but be advised that indiana terms this concept as spousal maintenance or some variant thereof. Indiana divorce laws alimony

Before the adoption of the dissolution act of 1973 indiana courts were expressly authorized to award alimony in divorce decrees if the award would be just and proper. In the state of indiana during or after a dissolution of marriage a court may find one spouse to be financially responsible for the other and as such may declare a maintenance order requiring the financially responsible spouse to make alimony payments. Either spouse can ask for maintenance in a divorce but indiana has strict guidelines. Indiana divorce laws alimony

It stipulates that the alimony payments should only be included in a marital settlement if one of three facts following prove true. Indiana code 31 15 7 2 states that the court may order maintenance if the spouse lacks marital property to provide for the spouse s needs or that the spouse is the custodian of a child with mental or physical incapacity the court will consider the educational level earning capacity time necessary to obtain training and other factors to determine for how long and at what amount a spouse may pay support to another. Assets acquired both during a prior to a marriage may be subject to division in a divorce. Indiana divorce laws alimony

Conditions for alimony in indiana according to law. Indiana code 31 15 7 concerns when alimony should be ordered and the factors going into that decision. Understanding and calculating alimony in indiana qualifying for alimony in indiana. Indiana divorce laws alimony

Many spouses are concerned with how they ll make ends meet while their divorce. Indiana divorce laws alimony

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