Lemon Law Ohio Used Car

Lemon law ohio used car – Used car laws in ohio do not include any protection for owners of used vehicles from buying a lemon however so consumers in this situation should turn to their vehicle s specific warranty to see what methods of recourse are available to them. Also keep in mind that lemons returned to the manufacturer or dealer can be resold to consumers only under certain conditions.

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Lemon law ohio used car. The ohio lemon law covers a vehicle for the first year after its sale as a new vehicle or the first 18 000 miles of use whichever occurs first. Does the lemon law cover a used car. We only represent consumers. Lemon law ohio used car

Ohio s lemon law you are covered by ohio s lemon law if the problems with your new motor vehicle occurred in the first 12 months or first 18 000 miles whichever comes first. The federal lemon law covers used cars. If you are looking at buying a used car keep in mind that ohio s lemon law does not apply to motor vehicles more than one year old or driven more than 18 000 miles. Lemon law ohio used car

Used car lemon law in ohio if your car or other motor vehicle had less than 18 000 miles on it and you got the vehicle within one year of its original delivery date then the ohio lemon law can cover you. The lemon law applies to passenger cars motorcycles and other noncommercial motor vehicles which are designed to carry no more than a one ton load and are used exclusively for personal use. If you have problems with your vehicle during this protection period take the vehicle back to the dealer or the manufacturer. Lemon law ohio used car

If your problems fit the law while you are still within that time frame then the lemon law may still apply to help you get rid of it. Our clients live mostly in ohio kentucky and indiana but sometimes in other states too. Car sales law is what we do. Lemon law ohio used car

The new car lemon law in ohio is meant to offer owners of new vehicles a way to seek recourse in the unlikely event that their new vehicle has been issued as a lemon from the manufacturer. Lemon law ohio used car

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