New Pa Expungement Law 2019

New pa expungement law 2019 – Starting in january 2019 people with qualifying criminal convictions in pennsylvania can start filing petitions to have them sealed under clean slate. Expungement the removal of information so that there is no trace or indication that such information existed.

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A court shall not have the authority to order expungement of the defendant s arrest record where the defendant was placed on accelerated rehabilitative disposition for a violation of any offense set forth in any of the following where the victim is under 18 years of age.

New pa expungement law 2019. The elimination of all identifiers which may be used to trace the identity of an individual allowing remaining data to be used for statistical purposes. The state s clean slate law went into effect wednesday. Updated dec 18 2019. New pa expungement law 2019

Individuals reaching 21 years of age who were convicted of section 6308 of the crimes code often referred to as underage drinking after they turned 18 who satisfy all conditions of the sentence and petition for expungement. Jordan harris chairs of judiciary committees and various. The new pennsylvania expungement law allows second and third degree misdemeanors to be expunged after ten years and the crime can only be punishable by a maximum of two years. New pa expungement law 2019

Governor tom wolf signed senate bill 166 sponsored by senator stewart greenleaf into law which expands criminal record sealing in pennsylvania in order to reduce recidivism relieve the pardon system and provide ex offenders greater opportunity to join the workforce. Posted dec 18 2019. A court directs that non conviction data be expunged. New pa expungement law 2019

Governor wolf was joined today at a bill signing ceremony by sen. If any of these exceptions apply you will not be eligible to have your charges expunged. July 05 2019. New pa expungement law 2019

There are some exceptions to this rule. The new law would allow individuals convicted of certain non violent misdemeanors of the second or third degree to petition the court for expungement of their record if they remained arrest free for seven or ten years depending on the grading of the offenses. Only two other states pennsylvania. New pa expungement law 2019

Section 3121 relating to rape. Offenses can also have their records sealed under the new law. As the gold standard of expungement law. New pa expungement law 2019

To obviate the need for individual applications in 2019 three states followed the example set by pennsylvania s 2018 clean slate act by enacting automatic relief for a range of conviction and non conviction records utah california new jersey. 9102 criminal history records information act or chria. It allows pennsylvanians with. New pa expungement law 2019

By shaffer engle law offices llc. The petitions must be filed in the local courts where the conviction occurred and all previous and existing fines and court costs must be paid in full. Certain pennsylvania residents who ve run afoul of the law will start the new year with a clean slate. New pa expungement law 2019

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