Ohio Dui Laws 2nd Offense

Ohio dui laws 2nd offense – Penalties for a second ovi conviction in ohio vary by degree of intoxication. For a second offense conviction you will be facing a minimum of 10 days in jail up to maximum of 6 months.

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In ohio a second dui ovi conviction within ten years has minimum mandatory sentencing.

Ohio dui laws 2nd offense. High level ovi with a bac of 17 or higher or a refusal of a chemical test with a prior ovi. Sentences for second offense dui ovi in ohio. An ohio second offense dui conviction is considered a second offense if it occurs within 6 years of a previous offense conviction and carries the following penalties. Ohio dui laws 2nd offense

Low level ovi with a bac over 08 but less than 17 you ll face ten to 180 days in jail or five days of jail and. A second offense dui ovi conviction carries tough penalties in ohio including a mandatory jail term a longer driver s license suspension and extensive fines and fees. Ovi dui second offense penalties in ohio. Ohio dui laws 2nd offense

The potential penalties for a second dui offense conviction in ohio are listed in the table below. The minimum sentence includes at least ten days in jail a license suspension of at least one year and a fine of at least 525. A high end test result or a refusal within the past 20 years will double the sentence period. Ohio dui laws 2nd offense

It should be noted the minimum mandatory jail sentence is increased to 20 days if there is a high test 170 or higher or a chemical test refusal. Ohio dui laws 2nd offense

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