Oklahoma Lemon Law

Oklahoma lemon law – A new vehicle may be a lemon if there is a defect covered by the warranty which substantially impairs the use and value. The lemon law covers any new motor driven vehicles that are required to be registered exce pt v ehicles above 10 000 pounds gross ve hicle weight an d the liv ing facili tie s of m oto r homes.

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The lemon law covers any new motor driven vehicles that are required to be registered except vehicles above 10 000 pounds gross vehicle weight and the living facilities of motor homes.

Oklahoma lemon law. Most of the vehicles sold today are well made. The oklahoma lemon law protects state residents from having to pay for vehicles purchased new from the manufacturer or licensed dealer that have started to have significant problems with vehicle parts covered by the auto warranty. There are some limited exceptions however including any vehicle weighing above 10 000 pounds as well as the living portion of a motor home. Oklahoma lemon law

Under oklahoma lemon law within one year after the delivery date of the vehicle or the expiration of the warranty whichever comes first you must notify the manufacturer in writing of the problem and give them a final opportunity to repair it. The lemon law of oklahoma provides broad protection extending to almost all passenger vehicles which must be registered in the state. Prepared by the attorney general lemon law brochure. Oklahoma lemon law

However the links below are provided as a courtesy to assist you in obtaining information about these laws. Remedies may include refund replacement or cash compensation such as diminished value and or incidental and consequential damages. The oklahoma lemon law and the damage disclosure law are not administered by the oklahoma motor vehicle commission. Oklahoma lemon law

Lemon law in oklahoma. What is a lemon. Unfortunately no similar used car lemon law exists in the state to protect buyers of used cars from having to pay for used vehicles that turn out to be lemons. Oklahoma lemon law

A new car that has significant defects or nonconformity such as to make it either inoperable or with a diminished value is referred to as a lemon. Oklahoma has as most other states have enacted laws to protect consumers from defective motor vehicles. Which vehicles are covered. Oklahoma lemon law

Lemon law guide damage disclosure law. In days past vehicle recalls were heard about regularly and consumers found themselves out many thousands of dollars because there were not laws in effect to protect them from defective motor vehicles. Send your letter by certified mail with a return receipt requested. Oklahoma lemon law

What is a lemon. A new vehicle may be a lemon if there is a defect covered by the warranty which. Under state laws the dealer and or manufacturer must either replace or refund a new vehicle if they are unable to fix one or more serious nonconformities within a certain time limit. Oklahoma lemon law

State lemon laws therefore are meant to protect consumers from being stuck with a new vehicle that doesn t live up to its warranty. Oklahoma consumers with lemon vehicles may be protected under either the oklahoma lemon law the magnuson moss warranty act the federal lemon law or both. Oklahoma lemon law

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