Oregon Lemon Law Statute

Oregon lemon law statute – The dealer did not indicate the sale of a vehicle was as is. In some instances the mmwa also incorporates state warranty law for implied warranties.

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The magnuson moss warranty act.

Oregon lemon law statute. The oregon lemon law was written to extend federal consumer protection legislation for consumers who purchase new vehicles from manufacturers or licensed car dealers. The oregon lemon law protects consumers of cars motorcycles other street legal motor vehicles and motor homes. Oregon s lemon law extends protection to two years or 24 000 miles from the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. Oregon lemon law statute

The oregon lemon law covers any passenger motor vehicle including used vehicles. Oregon lemon law statutes. One year following the earlier of 1 12 000 miles or 2 one year. Oregon lemon law statute

If your vehicle is a lemon you can receive a replacement or a refund less a reasonable allowance for use of the vehicle. Because the lemon law applies only to new cars a bad used car case most often falls under the oregon unlawful trade practices act ors 646 606 et seq. Oregon lemon laws and the federal lemon law the magnuson moss warranty act provide for compensation to oregon consumers of defective automobiles and trucks and other vehicles and products including motorcycles rv s boats computers and other consumer appliances and products. Oregon lemon law statute

Oregon s law on the matter can help buyers of bad vehicles obtain a new vehicle or refund. Lemon law refers to legal rights and responsibilities of buyers and car dealers in the state. There is no comparable used car lemon law for the owners of used vehicles who live in oregon but some vehicle owners in this category may still be able to benefit from different consumer protection policies applicable in oregon. Oregon lemon law statute

You are entitled to lemon law protection when the vehicle has been in the shop for an unreasonable number of repairs or an unreasonable amount of time. Motor vehicles purchased or leased on or after september 21 2009 must be purchased leased or registered in oregon. Oregon does not have a lemon law that applies to used cars however you may still qualify for protection under other laws such as the federal trade commission s used car rule and oregon s uniform commercial code through circumstances such as. Oregon lemon law statute

The magnuson moss warranty act 15 u s c. The oregon department of justice doj consumer protection department provides information on the lemon law. To use oregon s lemon law to qualify for protection under oregon s lemon law. Oregon lemon law statute

Oregon lemon law summary executive summary time period for filing claims vehicles purchased leased before september 21 2009. Mmwa is a federal law basically a federal lemon law that applies to all consumer product written warranties including motor vehicle and rv motor home warranties. Your rights under federal law. Oregon lemon law statute

Oregon s lemon law covers new automobile buyers who find the experience or the vehicle is sour. The law protects a consumer when his her vehicle exhibits a defect or condition that negatively affects the vehicle s use value or safety. Oregon lemon law statute

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