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Quicken loans rates reddit – This is for a standard 30yr conventional mortgage. I called them prior to getting my loans to find their rates etc.

Previously you must understand the background of loan and get some Quicken loans rates reddit references in other articles on this website.

Payment does not include taxes and insurance premiums.

Quicken loans rates reddit. They didn t ask for authorization or anything. Quicken loans is the place to go to get your feet wet. Eventually they stated that they would not be able to close on my loan at which point i asked for the 400 good faith money back one several separate calls eventually speaking with a supervisor. Quicken loans rates reddit

That s not to say they re good or bad i just found them a couple tenths of a percentage higher. Seem to be comparable between each other. The annual percentage rate apr is 2 913. Quicken loans rates reddit

The payment on a 204 601 30 year fixed rate loan at 2 49 and 76 63 loan to value ltv is 807 36 with 2 00 points due at closing. Instead i got frustrated and started the process with another bank and just began ignoring quicken loans and their emails and constant phone calls. They treat their people well the perks are awesome you are surrounded by people who work hard and play harder and it is great to have on your resume if you can make it for a year or more. Quicken loans rates reddit

I am in the process of a refinance now in my home as rates have dropped and obviously this seems like a great time for me to be able to refinance going from a 4 25 rate to a 2 25 i shopped around myself at multiple lenders and. Refinancing and rates quicken loans others. Lesson quicken loans is. Quicken loans rates reddit

Other banks gave me quotes based on the credit score i told them i had after i ran it with wells fargo and they didn t need to run my credit. Lenders often work the assumptions to put a little polish on their rates and quicken loans is no exception. Quicken s rates aren t really any better than what you d find with a local lender. Quicken loans rates reddit

For example a lender can show a lower interest rate by adding in discount points. I d never heard of such a thing. Do you have a real estate agent and can you ask them who they recommend. Quicken loans rates reddit

They have their rocket mortgage technology but so what. I have the same tech only better because it comes with a live lo who can help you 24 7 and will come to the closing with you to make sure everything goes smoothly. All other fees closing etc. Quicken loans rates reddit

The actual payment amount will be greater. Quicken loans came back with a 3 875 whereas the other two came back at 4 25 and 4 375. I found quicken loans interest rate to be higher than the bank i ultimately went with. Quicken loans rates reddit

So i wanted to share an experience i had with quicken rocket. They wanted to run my credit by sneakily asking or my social. My first house my agent sent me to a mortgage broker. Quicken loans rates reddit

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