Salaried Employee Laws Indiana

Salaried employee laws indiana – Thanks to the federal family and medical leave act employers with at least fifty employees. For more information on indiana s minimum wage laws visit our.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Salaried employee laws indiana references in other articles on this website.

The flsa 29 u s c.

Salaried employee laws indiana. An employer may with an employee s written consent deduct the cost of an optional uniform purchased by the employee. Being paid on a salary basis means an employee regularly receives a predetermined amount of compensation each pay period on a weekly or less frequent basis. Minimum wage for other salaried employees in indiana is 7 25 an hour as of may 2011. Salaried employee laws indiana

A copy of the deduction agreement must be delivered to the employer within ten days. The law requires employers to pay nonexempt employees at least the federal minimum wage and requires the payment of overtime for an employee who works more than 40 hours in a week. Employees who are exempt from the law are not entitled to overtime or the federal minimum wage but employers may not make improper pay deductions from their salary. Salaried employee laws indiana

These salary requirements do not apply to outside sales employees teachers and employees practicing law or medicine. Indiana law does not prohibit an employer from requiring an employee to pay for required uniforms or necessary equipment but it cannot deduct the cost of a mandatory uniform from the employee s paycheck. Everything you need to know indiana labor laws. Salaried employee laws indiana

Indiana law requires three conditions to be met in order for a wage deduction to be valid. One of the main benefits of being a salaried employee is that your pay is not determined by whether or not you show up late to work. The agreement for the deduction must be in writing signed by the employee by its terms revocable at any time by the. Salaried employee laws indiana

Welcome to the indiana department of labor. Family and medical leave. The mission of the indiana department of labor is to advance the safety health and prosperity of hoosiers in the workplace in order to make significant strides in achieving our mission we emphasize both enforcement and voluntary compliance for employers. Salaried employee laws indiana

What do indiana labor laws look like. Indiana s current minimum wage is 7 25. Indiana labor laws require employers to pay employees overtime at a rate of 1 time their regular rate when. Salaried employee laws indiana

201 et seq requires that most employees be paid for every hour worked. Further if an employee has worked more than forty hours in one week normally the employee must be paid at the rate of one and a half times the usual rate for that time over forty hours. In the state of indiana most employers choose to offer their. Salaried employee laws indiana

Even if you only work for five or six hours you will be paid for a full day of work. Exempt computer employees may be paid at least 684 on a salary basis or on an hourly basis at a rate not less than 27 63 an hour. Indiana salary labor laws flsa exemptions. Salaried employee laws indiana

Indiana labor laws wage and hour minimum wage. The only difference is that if you don t show up for more than a week at a time then you won t be paid for that week. Fair labor standards act flsa laws mandate that salaried employees working in indiana who are. Salaried employee laws indiana

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