Salaried Employee Laws Washington State

Salaried employee laws washington state – Under rcw 49 46 130 2 a salaried employees may receive additional compensation or paid time off and still be considered exempt. Under washington state wage and hour laws individuals employed in a bona fide administrative executive or professional capacity and who pass the salary level test are exempt from the overtime provisions of the law.

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3 when are deductions from salary allowed.

Salaried employee laws washington state. Small businesses 1 50 employees will have to pay at least 1 5 times the state minimum wage 821 40 a week and large businesses 51 or more employees will have to pay at least 1 75 times the minimum wage estimated at 958 30 a week. Washington labor laws require employers not including agricultural employers to provide employees who are 18 years old and older a paid rest break of at least ten 10 minutes for each four 4 hours worked. With the state salary thresholds for exempt employees now a multiplier of the state minimum wage the thresholds will also rise on jan. Salaried employee laws washington state

The new threshold will start at just over 35 000 a. Employers should attempt to schedule employees rest periods as close to the midpoint of the four 4 hours work period as possible. These changes affect employees defined as executive administrative and professional as well as outside salespeople and computer professionals. Salaried employee laws washington state

The rules update standards last updated in the 1970s that required overtime pay for salaried employees making no more than about 13 000 a year. Washington s minimum wage is scheduled to increase to 13 50 on jan. Employers are not required to give employees pay raises unless the employee is paid minimum wage and the minimum wage is increased. Salaried employee laws washington state

The washington state department of labor industries has updated its rules regarding the minimum salary threshold and job duties tests for salaried exempt employees. The federal standard is 455 per week but the state standard is 250 per week. Both washington and federal labor laws require a minimum salary for exempt employees. Salaried employee laws washington state

The minimum wage will be adjusted for inflation yearly beginning in 2021. When deciding between state and federal law an employer must apply the law most protective to the employee. A if the employee performs no work in a particular week regardless of the circumstances the employer may deduct for the entire week. Salaried employee laws washington state

Since the federal standard is more favorable to employees employers must apply the federal statute when determining whether employees meet the salary test for exemption. Salaried employee laws washington state

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