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My first credit card was chase s freedom card. I would only use this card to maintain good credit but what is a good bank credit card company to start off with.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some Starter credit cards reddit references in other articles on this website.

Unlike many business credit cards it doesn t require a personal guarantee.

Starter credit cards reddit. The brex card for startups doesn t hold you personally responsible for repaying the money your business spends and won t impact your personal credit. I would like something that s universal but can t find anything and i m scared i ll make the wrong decision. When i first stated my credit rebuild in may 2018 i was advised that two cards in particular made good options because they would eventually graduate to unsecured cards.

Imo the best starter credit card hence why we always recommend it to people starting their credit journey. Starter credit cards encourage responsible credit card habits often showing forgiveness on beginner s mistakes and offering benefits to help cardholders get into a payment routine. I m 19 years old and in texas.

A starter credit card is a great way for people with limited credit or bad credit to establish and improve their credit standing including students and immigrants. The best starter cards for building credit report your payment history to all three major credit bureaus. In general i d suggest you look into your current credit and use that to weigh your options.

I have yet to see a credit card that gives you this mutch value with 0 credit history upon approval. If you find that you do have some decent credit 625 or so then you can probably get some of the decent starter cards. Those two were the discover it secured and the capital one platinum secured.

That means that as a founder you aren t legally obligated to take money out of your personal bank accounts to pay for your startup s credit card. I use my freedom card for small purchases now and most of my small monthly payments are on there spotify netflix hbo and etc so i can keep building a good credit history on my first. Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts.

A secured credit card is a great way to build a credit history if the card is used responsibly. Top features are typically waived fees rewards for setting a routine of timely payments low barriers to becoming a cardholder lenient interest rates and more. The best starter credit card for you will provide a balance between benefits such as reporting to the credit bureaus and helping to raise your credit score and costs to carry including annual.

Kept that for a year to build good credit and now my primary card is my united mileage credit card from chase. Starter credit cards usually have a 300 starting credit limit and an annual fee of 0 to 99 plus rewards of at least 1 back on all purchases in some cases. But make sure you confirm with the issuer that your payment history will be reported to the bureaus before applying for the card.

And if youre rebuilding credit or cant get approved for the regular it student then the secured is a great option too. Discover it chase freedom chase freedom unlimited capital one quicksilver assuming you want cash back.

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