Tax Return Lodgement Date

Tax return lodgement date – If you need more time to lodge. If you are perpetually late that extension can be taken away and that s another reason to lodge early.

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In other words your tax return for the financial year from 1 july 2019 to 30 june 2020 must be filed by 31 october 2020.

Tax return lodgement date. If the tax return is lodged. 28 jun 2016 qc 32061. The payment due dates for a tax return are determined by client type the lodgment due date and when the return is lodged. Tax return lodgement date

If you have a bad lodgement history already and this years tax return is due on 31 october if your accountant can get you lodged by that date this time round you will qualify for the extensions again. You should finish your 2019 20 tax return between 1 july 2020 and 31 october 2020. Generally 28 february following the financial year 31 october if you didn t lodge your return for the previous financial year on time 31 october for your first year. Tax return lodgement date

Key lodgment and payment dates for business. If you prepare and lodge your own return and need additional time phone us before the due date on 13 28 66 during available hours. If you have not yet lodged a 2019 tax return we recommend you do that right away. Tax return lodgement date

Your client s payment due date will depend on when their tax return is lodged and processed. Up to and including 12 february 2021 the payment date is 21 march 2021. If you lodge your smsf annual return yourself the due date is. Tax return lodgement date

If you re not sure how to find information for an overdue tax return the accounting team at etax will help you. We recommend lodging your tax return during july or august. For taxpayers submitting their own returns the official last lodgement date is october 31 2020. Tax return lodgement date

Staggered payment date arrangements exist for individual and trust clients whose tax returns have a lodgment due date of 15 may 2021. If you can t lodge and pay on time. When a due date falls on a saturday sunday or public holiday you can lodge or pay on the next business day. Tax return lodgement date

Ordinarily tax returns are due on october 31 but if you re lodging through an agent you generally get a longer period but it is subject to your lodgement history. If you need to complete a tax return you must lodge it with us or have registered with a tax agent by 31 october. 01 jul 2020 qc 34594. Tax return lodgement date

The tax return deadline if you re lodging your tax return yourself is october 31 read our comparison on lodging yourself versus using a tax agent. When you lodge a tax return you include how much money you earn income and any expenses you can claim as a deduction. Unless otherwise stated the due dates provided are for 30 june balancers only. Tax return lodgement date

If you want to qualify for an extension to lodge and or pay not to mention ensure you pay the least amount of tax legally possible and ensure your tax returns are lodge correctly without risk of ato confrontations you need to be signed up as a client with an accountant before 31 october. Lodging your tax return a tax return covers the financial year from 1 july to 30 june. Tax return lodgement date

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