Texas Divorce Laws Child Custody

Texas divorce laws child custody – Possessory conservatorship refers to where the child will reside at any particular time and when a parent will have access to the child formerly known as visitation. Under a jmc your child will in many ways be parented as if you had never divorced.

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Child custody in texas divorce in texas courts and in the laws regarding children the term custody is not used.

Texas divorce laws child custody. Instead issues regarding custody are referred to as conservatorship conservatorship is the term used to define all of the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent. Under texas law there s a presumption that the parents should have joint managing conservatorship. In texas the courts favor granting both parents access to the child absent parental misconduct such as neglect domestic violence or abuse. Texas divorce laws child custody

Texas law expresses a preference for parents to share as equally as practically possible in the custody of a child in a divorce case. If you feel that a jmc is not in the best interests of your child child custody laws in texas allow you to rebut that in court. Both parents will share responsibilities for parenting and in the case of a medical emergency both parents have influence over their child s medical care. Texas divorce laws child custody

Code chapter 153 153 131 b. Texas divorce laws child custody

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