What Does Pre Qualified Credit Card Mean

The first way is what i like to call the incognito method. This means that if you apply and pass the lender s eligibility screen you have about a 90 chance of being approved for the offer.

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You might also see the term prescreened.

What does pre qualified credit card mean. When you receive a pre qualified credit card offer you re getting it based on very little information. Preapproval could mean a company has done a bit more research on you or not. This is when you randomly get offers either in the mail or online showing that you re pre approved for a credit card.

This doesn t mean you ll be approved though. Prequalification means the creditor has done at least a basic review of your creditworthiness to determine if you re likely to qualify for a loan or credit card. Credit card preapprovals are a way card issuers market their cards.

They prescreen consumers using criteria like a minimum credit score. Pre approval does not guarantee you a credit card the label pre approval may be somewhat misleading as receiving a credit card pre approval letter does not mean you are automatically entitled to a credit card. Pre approved if you see a pre approved badge on offers for a credit card or a personal loan it indicates that you meet the lender s criteria for a pre approved offer.

It s very similar to pre approval in those regards. While a pre approval is not an approval it does mean you have better chances of being approved for a credit card. Why credit card pre approval offers aren t what they seem.

This can typically happen in one of two ways. Understanding the distinction between the two terms can get tricky because companies can use them differently. Essentially pre approval is something of a misnomer as it does not by any means guarantee you a credit card.

The main difference is who makes the first move. It also means you have an 80 chance of acceptance if you decide to apply for the card in question. Being pre qualified for a credit card means the issuer has done a soft pull of your credit history and concluded that you are a good fit.

Credit card preapproval means that you ve met a card issuer s initial criteria for a card. There s never a guarantee that a pre qualified or pre approved offer from a credit card company means you will be approved but it s a good sign that gives you an idea of what the banks feel you re most qualified for. Prequalified can mean a company has decided that you look like someone who might be a good fit for their credit card so they re inviting you to apply.

If you want to decrease the chances of being denied for a credit card you apply for a card you re pre approved for. Consumers initiate this process when they submit a prequalification application for a loan or card. When you see pre qualified or pre approved on a credit card offer you get in the mail it typically means your credit score and other financial information matched at least some of the initial eligibility criteria needed to become a cardholder.

October 15 2020 6 min read. Requirements for prequalification can vary depending on the situation.

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