What S The Best Credit Score You Can Have

But it s neither easy to reach to this pinnacle. There is only one perfect credit score.

Previously you must understand the background of Credit and get some What s the best credit score you can have references in other articles on this website.

It s also worth noting that even if you earn an 850 you.

What s the best credit score you can have. Have achieved this feat. Individuals with a score this high have near perfect credit management which is why only 1 2 of consumers in the u s. Fico considers a score between 800 and 850 to be exceptional while vantagescore considers a score above 780 to be excellent it s possible to get an 850 credit score but it s tough to achieve.

In comparison the average credit score in the u s. In fact reaching a credit score of 760 will likely get you all the same benefits and the best deals on everything from mortgages and car loans to credit card rewards. Vantagescore and fico are the two main credit scoring models.

The highest credit score you can get is 850. For both the vantagescore and base fico score models the lowest score is 300 and the highest credit score is 850. The best credit score that you can get is 850.

This score is exceptionally rare as less than 1 of consumers have this high of a score. But even if you have pretty good credit habits don t be surprised if you check your scores and find that you re below 850. The best credit score and the highest credit score possible is 850 for both fico and vantagescore models.

Here is an overview of the fico credit scoring model.

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