Whats The Highest Credit Score

The generic fico score has a score range of 300 to 850 so a perfect score on that scale is of course 850. Brad stevens of austin texas and john ulzheimer of atlanta.

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The highest credit score you can achieve under perfect circumstances is 850 using the fico.

Whats the highest credit score. That s the maximum credit score used by all of the most popular credit scoring models today. Perfect credit scores can seem to be inexplicably out of reach. While the highest credit score you can achieve will vary by scoring model the two primary credit scoring models a lender will use to judge your creditworthiness fico and vantagescore top out at 850.

Making payments in full and on time can help boost an individual s fico score. Scores above 800 are considered excellent while scores of 600 or less suggest bad credit or no credit history. We were able to speak to two americans who belong to the exclusive fico 850 club.

Its vantagescore 3 0 and 4 0 models also use a 300 to 850 scale. For most credit scoring models including vantagescore 3 0 and fico the highest credit score possible is 850. Here are fico s basic credit score ranges.

The same is true of the most recent scoring models from fico competitor vantagescore. For both the vantagescore and base fico score models the lowest score is 300 and the highest credit score is 850. This may be an enticing goal for some but it may not be a realistic pursuit.

While less than 1 of people have that highest possible credit score according to score providers far more of us can claim to have perfect credit. Get your latest credit score 100 free. But even if you have pretty good credit habits don t be surprised if you check your scores and find that you re below 850.

The highest credit score you can have is 850.

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