Wisconsin Divorce Laws Maintenance

Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance – Payments made from one spouse to the other in order to lessen the financial hardship that can follow divorce. In wisconsin the term alimony has been replaced with the term spousal maintenance.

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Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance. When spouses divorce in wisconsin the court will decide whether to require one spouse to pay alimony now called spousal maintenance or just maintenance to the other. Most divorce cases take between six months to one year to finalize. Courts don t always award maintenance and judges have a lot of discretion in deciding whether and how much should be paid. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

Many people assume alimony is always ordered by a court however this isn t always the case. The time period can vary based upon the county in which your divorce is filed and the issues involved in your case. It is unfair to require one spouse to continue income production levels to maintain the standard of living of the other who chooses a decrease in production. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

Wisconsin maintenance in a judgment of divorce legal separation or annulment the court may grant an order requiring maintenance payments to either party for a limited or indefinite length of time. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance when a couple gets divorce in wisconsin the court can consider issuing a spousal maintenance order. The purpose of spousal maintenance is to ensure that both spouses can maintain their marital standard of living after a divorce. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

The judge has a lot of discretion to do whatever he or she wants on support issues. There is a mandatory 120 day waiting period in wisconsin during which your divorce cannot be finalized. Here are some answers to common questions about maintenance in wisconsin. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

It s not unusual for one spouse to forego working throughout the marriage to raise a family or contribute to the other s career but in those cases a divorce can equal financial devastation to a non working spouse. Alimony is the term used in many states for financial support paid to a ex spouse after a divorce. A maintenance award must account for the recipient s earning capacity and ability to be self supporting at a level comparable to that during marriage. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

In wisconsin alimony is officially referred to as spousal maintenance but the concept is the same. This is sometimes called alimony or spousal support. Spousal maintenance is ordered to further two main objectives. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

While a divorce is pending in wisconsin spouses do not have the ability to remove a spouse s name from insurance policies including home auto life and health insurance. Forms assistant this site provides a guide to divorce and legal separation in wisconsin and takes you through a series of questions filling in most of the forms necessary for divorce and legal separation including maintenance alimony child support legal custody and physical placement and property division. Alimony called spousal maintenance in wisconsin is a payment that one spouse provides to the other after a divorce. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

Mutual agreement or court decision. Wisconsin courts will generally prevent removals by entering an order that all policies existing at the time the couple files for divorce remain in effect until the divorce is final. Wisconsin divorce laws maintenance

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